We love food, good food, and it was always our ambition to raise our own free range chicken for the table.

Well, one thing has led to another and after a couple of years of being told by local customers from our farm gate sales that they have never experienced such tasty chicken and our chicken sausages are to die for, we decided to take the plunge and launch Daisy’s Woodland Chicken.

Our approach isn’t rocket science, we just provide our slow growing strain of meat bird with an environment that they will thrive in. It doesn’t come any better than broadleaf woodland.

Of course, just raising the best tasting free range chicken, in the most natural way we can, isn’t the end of the story. We want you to see chicken in another light, that’s why we have made over half a dozen flavours of chicken sausage. Oh yes, they’re lower in fat as well!

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